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Ideal environment for business conferences and events

Celebrate your presentations in an idyllic setting for conferences and corporate events. We provide you with a great team of professionals who will take care of all the details: room setup, customized menu, availability of projector and/or sound.

Disponemos de un amplio salón y terrazas sobre el mar donde podrá celebrar team building, formaciones, encuentros after workbrunches, comidas o cenas de empresa; cenas de gala con la mejor gastronomía y los siguientes servicios:

  • Option of menus with or without prices in various languages.
  • Customized menus at a pre-agreed price.
  • À la carte meals
  • Audiovisual equipment; projector, microphones, and sound
  • Direct access to the beach from our facilities
  • Private parking at the same door



You can make your reservation with immediate confirmation by clicking the following button.


Avenida Llorach, 5

08871, Garraf

We are 20 minutes from Barcelona


+34 93 632 00 15

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